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Background? whats that? :meow: Oh you mean those pretty colours~ Who needs those?

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Yay! Awesome Artwork!

Dark Souls every time.

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Amiibo's coming out 21st of Nov! Who should I get?
Tokyo Ghoul OC: Sou by InsaneMonkey46
Tokyo Ghoul OC: Sou
Haha not doing exam study to think over OC development. I am the best.

Name: Sou Shiro

Kagune: Koukaku

Special skills: Defense of head and upper body, blades that run down either arm. 

Fighting Skill Specialties: Kicks, physical propulsion (so charging, spinning etc)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Birthday: April

Height: Short 

Scars/distinguishing marks: None

Personality: Laid back, observant, cunning, thoughtful, possessive.

Likes: Books/reading/writing, Biology, knowledge, helping his brother and family.

Dislikes: Heat, destruction, his brothers weapon, not knowing things that is common knowledge to other.

Fears/phobias: His brother being killed, crowds, being caught in a gang war.

Hobbies: Writing short stories, writing medical examination books on ghouls, soccer, spying.

Weaknesses: Pacifist/never taught to fight, soft spot for humans, would never make a kill unless it threatened something of his.

Backstory: Sou was abandoned in the 14th ward when his parents didn't want another mouth to feed. They were hunters, and a child would only make them weak. He was taken in by a human family, who continued to care for him even after the discovered he was a ghoul. The Father worked at a morgue, the Mother at a funeral home and their son Marian was already 10 years old. Whenever a corpse was too messed up the Father would sneak away parts to keep him fed. At first hesitant due to everything he had heard about ghouls, Marian took the roll of big brother seriously and made sure to teach Sou through all his old school books. While Sou would never stray too far from the house, he befriended several kids in the neighborhood, as was always protected from bullies by Marian.

Sou took a liking to books, primarily science fiction and medical journals. With Marian's guidance he began writing his own stories under a false name. Eventually Marian left to join the police academy, leaving Sou alone with his parents and books. Sou did his best to help out, but eventually had to start doing watches for other ghouls. He didn't like the idea of killing, so he wore a mask covered in burnt pages, and did his best to only scare off other ghouls. His first kill was when a rouge ghoul made its way into the back of their property. He had first thought to try take it to the morgue, but transporting seemed impossible. After thinking about it he took it to the small shed in the back and carved it up. During the process he chose to take notes, before eventually eating the remains.

When Marian returned Sou discovered he had been force to become an Investigator due to his skills impressing higher ups. Sou accepted that it was Marian's job now to kill ghouls, and praised his brothers promotion. His only problem is he can't stand the stench of his brothers Quinque. 
Yeah Kinda Sorta Maybe: The Cliche! by InsaneMonkey46
Yeah Kinda Sorta Maybe: The Cliche!
When aliens invader Earth, they turn the world population into loli mecha cat girls and dog boys. Our main hero Dirt is the last remaining normal human on the planet, who struggles with the new world order while still trying to pay rent.
A slice of life, comedy, fantasy, drama, mecha, loli, animal people manga coming soon(?!?!?!?)

MC - Dirt. Has  trouble paying rent because he has to care for the mecha cat girls and boys, and also has a taste for echii items.
Black - Aoi - Dirt's boss who on transformation has gained the side effect of obsessive fanfiction writting.
Blond - Yuri. Tsundere with mecha arms. Likes punching and biting.
Blue - Sora - Happy go lucky sports enthusiast with mecha legs. Likes kicking men.
Brown - Takai - Hyper water lover who has a tendency to run into things who also happens to love Aoi.
Pink - Sakura - Sweet maid cafe worker with mecha tail.

(Some super cliche joke manga a friend and I came up with)
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Ahhhh just when I finish one assignment there's another right behind it. Not to mention KIT103/KMA155's back to back assignments, sigh. I'm totally lost on the SQL work (Which is currently my 15% assignment) and now there's some other unknown group assignment coming up. 

But all I wanna do is draw and watch anime bwahhhhhh I'm such a bad uni student. I don't understand how people who seem to only play sports and drink in there spare time get anything done. ... Maybe I am just that bad with time management OTL


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