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Hopes Peak; July 12th close
Blood Sport; August 6th end
COG; 6th August, gotta have cosplay prizes by then.
TAMS; Count current profits, prepare audit, prep for Christmas in July (13th July)
MAICon; August 27th, need to book accommodation, pay for WwVP certificate, finish inventory.


BOHQ:Mission: Noon Day come by InsaneMonkey46
BOHQ:Mission: Noon Day come
Quinton and Ryanna investigate the field where disappearances have occurred. While Quinton is distracted by the heat, Ryanna finds traces of the Akuma poison. In the distance, something approaches in a dust cloud....

Yet another 'I did this several times but it never came out how I wanted'. There are things I want to change on this, but I also wanted to do two parts, the investigation and the confrontation. Sooo I'm happy enough with this now. I really loved the stuff I found on the Noon Day witch.
BOHQ: Jennifer Thwaite by InsaneMonkey46
BOHQ: Jennifer Thwaite


Name: Jennifer

Surname: Thwaite

Nicknames: Jen (General, preferred) Jenny(General, disliked)

Age: 27

Birthday: March 30

Astrological sign: Aries

Nationality: British

Education: Basic “accomplished” skills (Music, singing, drawing, dancing, modern languages), studied at North London Collegiate School focusing on science, a few months of University.

Rank/Occupation: Scientist

Quote: “Wonder if we’ll get more shocking results today~”

Beware, she likes to give nicknames.



Strength: 2
Agility: 2 
Dexterity: 3
Endurance: 3 
Energy: 4
Intelligence: 4



Temperament: Extrovert, choleric










-Prone to lying/being deceitful for gain

-Heart gets in the way of her mind


- New things
- Electricity
- Spying
- Beautiful clothes
- Caring for others


-Being tied down
-The thought of being a house wife
-Animal abuse
-Being forced to do things

Complexes: Bit of a god complex

Phobias and fears: The loss of her friends to a darker place. Being trapped in a life she doesn't enjoy. Losing/someone taking everything shes worked for.

Wishes and goals: To be accomplished and useful, to make a life of her own, to improve the lives of others.

Vices: Avarice, Deceitfulness



Skin: Olive, small electrical burns on palms

Facial shape: Oval

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown, curly reaching just below shoulders. Fringe sits just above eyes with longer stands down side of her face. Small peaks of short hair on top of her head. Other strands stick out, quite often full of static.

Height: 166cm

Weight: 64kg

Figure: Hourglass figure due to corset use, slowly bulking it out


SPECIALIZATION: Communication Technology. She’s a total wiz at anything electronic that sends a signal, and has been known to both repair, maintain and tamper with phone lines.

What they focus on in their research: Focus on new methods of communication between exorcists, finders and the headquarters and the improvement of older methods. Including but not limited to: Golems, phone lines and radio packs.

Reason for joining the Order: She had learnt they were willing to employ her in an area she loved, since no one was willing to employ a woman in electrical engineering. She was also pretty tired of scamming men and  leaving every town she went to.



Jennifer came from a relatively high class family who had earnt their ways in land and ventures that had proved profitable. As an only child she got plenty of attention from her parents and grandparents, along with the servants of the house. She was naturally curious and would go out exploring everywhere around her house and town.

As she grew she took further interest in all the different people who would come to her grandfather asking for money to get their ideas off the ground. Sometimes she would formulate how she thought they could do better and list them to her grandfather, who would make counter arguments, leading to discussions that could go on all afternoon. On his passing Jen felt more compelled than ever to pursue science and technology, seeing as her father was nowhere as good at choosing ventures that would be successful. However her mother had other plans.

Without the distraction of her grandfather, Jennifer was set to work learning skills that would make her seem accomplished. Music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages were some areas of knowledge she was tutored in, but most of it bored her to no end. She continued with it to make her mother happy, but used her free time to learn things from the family library.

When she was old enough she chose to study at North London Collegiate, an all-girls school that was willing to teach more intellectual subjects, and during this time she befriended Claire Warrick. Jen enjoyed her time, but her status as a ‘blue-stocking’ worried her family, especially as money began to disappear.

After her time at Collegiate, she attempted university, however by this time she had been barred from being with Claire and money troubles were much more apparent. She dropped out and decided to try her parents’ plan of marrying a wealthy man. She used her old skills and charm to woo men, many quite easily falling for her once she played to what they liked, however she quickly realised married life was looking like hell to her, and that men were of even less interest to her. She did her best to take what she could, and broke off her current engagement. The money got her father out of his last bad decision, and Jen realised it could possibly be a viable plan.

For the next few months she charmed, swindled and dumped as many men as she could manage, moving around before they could spread the word. As she travelled she picked up books and talks about science, studying on long train rides.

While visiting a church, scouting for a new victim and reading a new book on electrical theories, the Father approached her and began to chat. He eventually brought up that a particular branch of the church would benefit from her knowledge, and suddenly Jen seemed to have a way out of simply jumping from man to man.

She agreed to the idea, and the Father sent out a message to the Black Order to pick her up.



Mr. Thwaite, Jr: A man who made his money through the sales of the grandfathers’ land and investing it in countless ventures. Sadly not all have come through and he worries for him and his wifes future. He wishes his daughter would settle down with a wealthy man, but he loves her too much to force anything on her.

Mrs. Thwaite: A gentle retired midwife who loves tending to her gardens. She loves her daughter but has spent years worrying about her unpredictable nature and how she had no direction in life. She had hoped for her daughter to become a nurse.

Mr. Thwaite, Snr: An entrepreneur who many people would pitch their ideas to. He had a particular love for science, and enjoyed that his granddaughter was also interested.

Claire Warrick: Jen’s best friend who has a passion for animals. The two met at school and got along like a house on fire. Claire however was the one to incite many of Jen’s bad habits, and when their families realised it they separated the two. There may also be something more between the two….

John Jones: Jen’s latest victim, whose thick skull and love struck heart made him blind to her robbery. They became separated in Ireland and he’s currently spending his time searching for her.

Quinton E.: Jen met Quinton when he was selling his puppets on the road side. She enjoyed talking to him, and left him with the books she had made John buy her.



-Despite countless flings with men, she’s really only interested in females. No one knows this due to the prosecution and disgrace she could face, along with the fact she may not realise it fully herself.

-During her time at school with Claire, the two got into all kinds of trouble, especially with Claire’s extremist actions for the protection of animals. Everyone is very surprised they were never arrested for some of the stunts they pulled.

-Her secondary interest is codes, loving to try to solve them. She use to send encrypted messages to Claire after their separation, and taps messages in morse code when bored.

Creation partly inspired by ‘Jenny’ by Studio Killers. Further inspiration was the ‘But I’m a cheerleader’ soundtrack.
The opposite of Quinton creation wise (She was Pokemon OC-> DGM OC)

HPA: Emusee by InsaneMonkey46
HPA: Emusee

Live my daughter, live! ...I drew this months ago, but now I want to update the art ;w;

Emusee Lai; Alive 


17; Junior

May 01 

4' 11”| 151cm 

SHSL Animal Tamer – With precise control and un-shakeable stance, Emusee can command the respect of any animal, from the domestic house cat to the largest of lions. She’s can even get them to do tricks.

>:bulletpink: Whip (Used for animal taming)
>:bulletpink: Tasmanian Devil (Named Drae, tame to her command.)
>:bulletpink: Tawny Frogmouth (Named Europa, tame to her command)

Australian | Australia 

>:bulletpink: Bolt eyebrows the curve down to the centre of her face and up towards her hair at the ends
>:bulletpink: Hair reactive to emotions and always bounces to curled state 
>:bulletpink: Pink, impassive and always watching eyes.

Emusee radiates cool, calm and collected, all traits she uses for her talent. While she can come off aloof and even cold, it is mostly due to her being more comfortable around animals than people. She's unsure of how to act around people, and generally goes for simply not reacting at all. She can warm up to people, but her trust in them isn’t very strong. Her sternness can be broken in the presence of cute animals, objects and occasionally people, along with when she’s in the heat of a performance. Not having the best book-smarts, she prone to grow frustrated at herself for being slow, and angry at others who make comments about her mental ability. She’s not afraid to throw a punch if the situation calls for it.



>:bulletpink: The outdoors
>:bulletpink: Patting soft things
>:bulletpink: Performing
>:bulletpink: Gothic novels
>:bulletpink: Hot weather
>:bulletpink: Being with animals


>:bulletred: Tight Spaces
>:bulletred: Animal Abuse 
>:bulletred: People touching her animals
>:bulletred: Robots/machines
>:bulletred: Rain/being wet
>:bulletred: Being stuck with only people


Raised in the outback of Australia on a cattle farm, Emusee enjoyed the isolation from crowds and company of whatever animal she could find. Despite the range of hazardous and deadly creatures, she showed no fear in handling them, tending to countless mammals, lizards and birds after her satellite school classes were over.

Each season she would follow her father out on droves, always helping to make sure that every cow got across the country safe. She was taught to use a whip, and trained not only the horses, but the cows and bulls, which would never disobey a command by her hand.

During a rare trip to the city during her early teens, a large group of animals escaped from the local zoo and began to cause chaos. Confronted, Emusee faced the animals head on, and with only a stick in hand and strong voice she rounded them up, herding them back to the zoo for the keepers to return. 

Amazed by the shear range of animals that would listen to her, she chose to leave her families farm and travel, joining a circus where every show she could show off the talents of all her animal friends. They now have a large range of exotic animals, several of which she has close bonds with.

>:bulletpink: She has several scars but she’s never been injured by an animal. They all come from running into things/grabbing sharp things/ fighting with people.
>:bulletpink: She speaks formally to people, but she'll use Australian slang with people/animals shes comfortable with, or if angry. 
:bulletpink: She doesn't really care about comments on her person (such as height or look) but insulting her animals would get you a punch.



Emusee grabbed the small towel from the rack as she exited the stage. Tonight's performance had been yet another amazing show, with all the big cats putting on their best for the crowd, and for her. She gave a small prideful smile as she wiped the sweat from her brow, running her other hand through the fur of the lion. 

"Good work mates, time to relax."

She rounded past the other acts and exited out the back of tent, three big cats at her heels. Reaching the animal enclosure, she flopped down on a pile of straw and the feline beasts joined her. As she considered dozing for a few, the circus' odd jobs boy ran up to her. His insistent calling of her name left her with no choice, and she sat up to give him an impassive stare.

"Letter for you!" He chimed, ignoring her look.

She wordlessly took the envelope, making a shooing motion with her other hand.  The boy did not move. She mentally sulked that her talent didn't extend to people, but opened the letter regardless of his presence. Upon the top of the page showed the crest of a school...

Hopes Peak; July 12th close
Blood Sport; August 6th end
COG; 6th August, gotta have cosplay prizes by then.
TAMS; Count current profits, prepare audit, prep for Christmas in July (13th July)
MAICon; August 27th, need to book accommodation, pay for WwVP certificate, finish inventory.


Mel Sireno
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Queen of Procrastination and Distraction.

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